• Jimmly Laihad resignation

    Jimmy Laihad has resigned from the Board of Directors at AV CAPITAL effective May 6, 2015 (please refer to attached pdf document) .

  • SGX Announcement On Valuation of Industrial Power Technology For Annica Holdings Ltd.

    the valuation undertaken by AV CAPITAL of IPT dated 12 September 2012, as commissioned by the Annica Holdings and prepared by AV CAPITAL. Based on AV Capital’s analysis and findings as set out in the report, AV CAPITAL is of the opinion that the fair market value of Industrial Power for a 100% shareholding stake is in the range of S$12.67 million to $18.39 million as computed under the discounted cashflow method. Download PDF .

  • Newspaper Article On Valuation Performed For Soup Restaurant Group Ltd

    Here is an article published by Business Times (Singapore) on April 2, 2012 that refers to valuation performed by AV CAPITAL  Download PDF .

  • SGX Announcement On Valuation of IES For Oculus Ltd..

    Here is an Announcement published on the Singapore exchange (SGX-ST) website that provides you with an illustration and insight of typical valuation work conducted by AV CAPITAL. Download PDF .


  • How To Select An Investment Banker (2012)

    A survey of major corporations by Fortune magazine indicated that the two predominant factors in the decision to use a particular investment banker were “personal relationships” and tradition... .

  • Measuring Political Risk (1982 )

    Assessment of the political climate in the invested country is usually conducted with the grand tour approach, old hands approach or a Delphi technique. However, the political risk to the investing company is often non-existent or small, that a costly analysis becomes unnecessary... .


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